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.Finding the right trainer to back your young horse - or to reschool a 'problem' horse - is a real worry!  Most of our clients find us by personal recommendation - and we've been a last resort for some whose horses have been branded 'unbreakable' or 'dangerous'!  Training can be expensive, so you want good results in a reasonable time frame.  You want to be involved - and be sure you can manage your horse when you get him home!

Janet George and Olivier Gilot have between them more than 50 years of experience backing and bringing on youngsters of all breeds.  Every horse is different and is treated as an individual, and we use NO gadgets!  Quiet, systematic and sympathetic training gets the best results.

Right:  This lovely young Warmblood by Pascal is shown on his first day under-saddle.


One week ridden

Above:  a week later.  Calm and confident - and really listening to his rider!

Right:  Homebred ID sport horse, Indigo Charlie, after a week under saddle.  And a week later, he was hacking out - solo or in company.

Of course, it's not always problem free - so we always use a neck strap!!

Lofty bucks

Youngster 1st ridden 

Charlie - just backed

Before we start with any horse, we check its mouth and back, and ensure that any tack sent with him fits properly!

We involve you from the start, and encourage you to visit and see your horse worked - and to ride him here when he's ready so YOU are confident you can continue with him when he returns home.  And we're always available, by e-mail or phone, to advise on any unexpected problems that may arise.

We keep you updated - by e-mail or phone - as to your horse's progress while he's here - and care for him as if he was our own!!

Our roomy stables are fitted with EVA stable mats for added comfort.  Good quality haylage is fed ad-lib along with concentrates as required.  Late night checks are carried out just before midnight to ensure horses have sufficient haylage and water and are safe and comfortable for the night.

Our excellent farrier attends regularly every Wednesday - or more frequently if required. 
Training at Indigo Irish Draughts
  E-mail Us  or telephone Janet George on 01299 841 338 (evenings best.)