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To enquire about any of the youngsters shown, please  E-mail Us  - or telephone 01299 841 338 (evenings are best.)


Pure-bred fillies by Avanti Amorous Archie

Three of our home-bred fillies by Lady's Tralee Raj foaled to Avanti Amorous Archie in 2009 - and all had fillies!!  We were so pleased with them that these 3 fillies, plus another two maiden fillies, have returned to Archie for 2010.

Indigo Vanity - DoB 17-5-2009
Indigo Macha Pride is a full sister to Indigo Macha Dawn - this is her second foal.  Pride was awarded her first Hornby Premium this year.


Indigo Vanity

Vanity has matured into a smart yearling with excellent movement!

Indigo Vanity

Indigo Macha Pride and Vanity
Indigo Sweet Melody - DoB 8-6-2009

Melody is out of Indigo Tralee Rosebud (aka Maggie), herself the daughter of a Hornby Select mare (Northwood Rose).  Melody is Maggie's second foal.  The first, Indigo Sweet Magic, was second in the Yearling Filly class at the National Breed Show in 2009, only beaten by Maggie's full sister, Indigo Deep Secret.

Maggie was awarded her first Hornby Premium in 2009, with a massive 133 points!

Indigo Sweet Melody  Just as stylish as a yearling!
Indigo Sweet Melody

Indigo Sweet Melody showed exceptional style as a foal!

Pure-bred Fillies by Lady's Tralee Raj
Indigo Belle - DoB  7-8-2009

Belle's dam is Lyrem Fuzzypeg - another daughter of the great Northwood Rose, by Cummer Hero.  Fuzzy's first foal, Indigo Dainty (a full sister to Belle) was 3rd in the Yearling Filly class at the National Breed Show.

Fuzzy was awarded her 2nd Hornby Premium in 2009.
Indigo Belle
Indigo Summer Song - DoB  11-8-2009
Summer knew she was special from Day one!    Another daughter from our Hornby Select mare Northwood Rose (by Gort Boy); a full sister to Indigo Tralee Rosebud, and to Indigo Deep Secret.

Belle and Summer
Belle (left) and Summer (right) at weaning.  They're obviously very young 'yearlings' - but will soon catch up with the others!
Indigo Summer Song

Indigo Summer Song
Whether you want a filly to show - or a potential foundation brood mare - we're confident you won't find a nicer selection of pure-bred fillies anywhere!

Indigo Macha Dawn and Indigo Macha Pride are daughters of Little Macha (Grey Macha ex Sligo Star x Dickie).  Little Macha was a full sister to the great RID stallion Agherlow.  Little Macha was a great brood mare with a fabulous temperament, which she has passed on to all her offspring.  She gave us 7 foals in 7 years - we lost her to colic in 2009, aged 20.  She was awarded a Hornby premium in 2004 before age caught up with her

Northwood Rose was our other foundation mare, just as successful as Little Macha,  We were delighted with the opportunity to have her daughter, Lyrem Fuzzypeg, on breeding loan, and Fuzzy looks like following in Mum's footsteps, with 2 Hornby Premiums to date.  Northwood Rose's fillies by Raj are exceptional - this is a very strong femal line!   Northwood Rose's dam, Meisha, was an AID ,mare who also produced the very successful Scottish Sport Horse stallion, The Do Ron.

  Pure-bred Irish Draught Colts.  
  Indigo Gentleman Jack - DoB 16-7-2009

By Lady's Tralee Raj ex Corraslira Lady (by Uibh Fhaili '81 ex Monea Moore Lady x Kildalton King)

This is a very smart colt indeed.  His dam was imported from Ireland where she had already achieved 'Premier Broodmare' status, and she is also a Hornby Select mare.

Jack looks like he'll be black - or VERY dark brown.  He's bold - but well-mannered, and with plenty of bone.

Thought to have considerable stallion potential!
Indigo Gentleman Jack
    Indigo Gentleman Jack
  Indigo Macha Duke  DoB 14-5-2009

Sadly the last foal from his dam, Little Macha, Duke was orphaned at 8 weeks, but has done well with hand-rearing and is a well-mannered colt.  He will join other young colts as soon as they are weaned and we don't expect him to lack social skills as a result.

Indigo Macha Duke    latest pic - he's grown well and showing a lot of presence and movement!

Indigo Macha Duke
  Sport Horse Foals by Lady's Tralee Raj

All Raj's foals share his laidback temperament and excellent movement!  We've backed full siblings to all these foals, and their trainability is exceptional!
Indigo Snoopy
  Indigo Snoopy - DoB 6-7-2009

Snoopy is out of a 16.3 MW hunter mare, Katie, who is by Carmel Head (Ire.)  Snoopy of a full brother to Indigo Charlie, Indigo Sally and Indigo Woodstock.  he should mature to at least 16.3hh
Indigo Snoopy
  Indigo Patsy - DoB 11-7-2009

Patsy's mum is Dolly, a 16.00hh MW of unknown breeding.  She produces chunky fillies with excellent temperament and movement, (and if Tammy is anything to go by, a big jump!)   16.1-16.2hh.

Patsy's big sister, Indigo Tammy.


Indigo Patsy
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